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We provide cleaning services in

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

House Cleaning Services

At Maryland Home Cleaning Services, we offer a wide range of services to help keep your space clean and fresh.

All our services are customized to your needs, and unlike other companies, we do not charge for each individual or additional task, but we make packages that suit all your wishes and budgets.

Do You Have Pets? No Problem

We love pets, and we know that a house with pets requires special care, especially when cleaning near the area where they sleep and eat, since there are products that can affect their health.

FOR THIS REASON, we use products that are safe for your pets and the environment while keeping your home free of pet hair and other allergens.

What’s included?

Kitchen Cleaning:

We wash the dishes, put them in place and clean their surroundings.

Bathroom Cleaning:

We clean the toilet, the tub, floors, mirrors, and change towels.

Trash removal:

We are pro-environment. We recycle, take out the trash, and change the garbage bags in your home.

Basement cleaning:

We vacuum, mop, and clean all the surroundings.

Litter Box Cleaning:

If you have kitties, we clean their boxes at no additional cost so that they always stay clean and fresh!

Office Cleaning Services

The first impression is the most important. For this reason, we understand that your workspace should always look flawless, as a clean workspace conveys confidence and security to your clients.

With our commercial cleaning service, you can be sure that each space within your office or company will be 100% free of dirt.

Our service includes:

Common Area Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Removing Garbage From Offices
Cleaning Each Workspace Or Cubicle
Shaking Off Dust
Men and Women’s Bathroom Cleaning

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Party Cleaning

Preparing for a party requires a lot of work, and you certainly don’t want to worry about who will clean up afterward. Let Maryland House Cleaning Services do the post-party cleaning.

We offer comprehensive cleaning so you can be sure that your home or office is spotless. We will quickly and effectively handle post-party clutter and return your home or office to a clean and organized state.

Let us handle the sanitation and cleaning of the area with the confidence that everything will be spotless. Whether you need a cleaning service for a small party or an elaborate corporate event, we have the resources and trained cleaning professionals to get the job done.

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Move-out Cleaning

Are you planning on moving in or moving out? We are what you need!

If you plan to move, call us, and schedule our moving services. With our detailed cleaning, dedicated and professional staff, and superior customer service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we will ease the transition from one house or apartment to another.

Contact us today and get rid of that annoying chore of cleaning up after moving in!

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Referral Program

Thank you for trusting in our services!

Receive up to 25% discount on your next cleaning service when you refer an acquaintance who starts a cleaning service with us.

Improving for our Clients

With over 5 years in the cleaning industry, we are proud to say that we have obtained the trust and satisfaction of each client with whom we have worked by actively listening to each of their needs.

It is our mission to continue offering the best possible service, updating and training ourselves in the use of the best tools, products and materials every day, without losing our quality of service in our expansion and growth.

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